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Do good at Christmas time! - Our campaign with TABLE FOR TWO (TFT)

Do good at Christmas time! - Our campaign with TABLE FOR TWO (TFT)

Over the St. Nicholas weekend we will start a small heart project, which we are happy to implement with your help. In the period from December 5th to December 9th, 2019 we will donate a school meal to children in need in Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya for every bar of raccoon chocolate bought.

What kind of organization is that?

The organization we are working with on this campaign is called Table For Two TFT. TFT distributes meals to schools in needy countries. Meals contain the right amount of calories, are nutritionally balanced, and high in fruit and vegetables.e.
TFT has a large number of partnerships with companies, universities, restaurants and organizations whose menus have a healthy option marked as TFT option. If this option is chosen, 0.20 will go to the TFT organization and children in need will receive a healthy lunch at school. In this way, the fundamental problem of hunger and obesity is tackled and help is provided on both sides of the table..

Effect of the nutrition programs

A healthy and nutritious school meal enables children to concentrate better on class and thus increases their chances for a better future. Often this school lunch is the only nutritious meal a child gets a day, which in turn encourages parents to send the children to school regularly.
The local economy is also boosted by the project, because TFT ensures that the ingredients for the school dishes are obtained from local suppliers as far as possible. This creates a constant demand for local products.

We have been observing the organization for a long time and are pleased that we can finally carry out this action. We hope you find this campaign just as worthy of support as we do and help us to make more school meals possible for the children.
Each board donates a meal!


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